Accelerate Leads to Explosive Growth
Explore Their Behavior
Multiply Your Profit

Fenny CRM is powerful business management systems that combine all the data you need to provide the best and fastest service to your customers and get highest customer satisfaction.

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Manage Your Workflow

Boost your company and save time focusing on the big things. We provide wide range of automation that will upgrade your current process.

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Pipeline Analysis

Capture and understand where your leads are coming from will help you improve customers experience and increase your potential deals. Save your money!

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Manage the way your business is running with intelligent reporting that breaks down key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance.

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Be alongside with your customers anywhere and in anytime.

The Business is now moving in a different speed. With Fenny CRM you not only have the full information for your customers, their purchase history, interaction and query history, but you can access it on the GO on your smartphone and tablet - this will help you decrease your reaction time and will give you the tool to provide continuous service based on the real time needs of your customers.

Easy To Use Business Solution

Fenny CRM is designed by the most talented and innovative designers and developers in the world. Based on thousands of case studies we developed one of the most powerful and beautiful customer business solutions – customizable depending on the company workflow.

Clean & Elegant Design

Easy to manage amazing functionalities combined with clean intuitive web design.

Highly Customizable

The benefits of using the most powerful web technologies is the flexibility of solving all your business needs.