What you get with Fenny CRM!

You need to make your business stand out in the crowd by providing the best customer experience and building trust and loyalty of your clients. Fenny CRM is powerful tool that helps you meet all your client’s demands.


More sales in less time! Fenny CRM is the single source of truth for your sales teams where they can find all your clients’ information and offer the best suiting product or service. In Fenny CRM they will not only fin the most up to date information, but it will also automate all their routine tasks so your salesmen can stay focused on your clients.

  • More Leads and Sales
  • Managing of contacts
  • Simplified processes
  • Efficient management of leads
  • Database for all interactions
  • Email integration
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Calendar integration


Plan and execute successful marketing and advertising campaigns based on the real and detailed information for your clients. Fenny CRM will ensure you are targeting the right clients and in the same time decrease your marketing expenses and increase the possibilities for follow up and analysis.

  • Marketing strategies based on the real-world information
  • Efficient management of databases
  • More efficient planning
  • Optimized response analysis
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Email campaigns
  • Creation of target groups
  • Better communication with sales teams

Manage Your Workflow

Avoiding bottlenecks and keeping constant rhythm to the work flow is crucial for every business. Prioritize all tasks, assign them to the appropriate team members and keep your team utilized. With Fenny CRM, you could instantly view every pending task and check it’s status on an unified dashboard.

  • Improves efficiency by eliminating the manual work of assigning tasks
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves business processes through standardized working methods
  • Establish Project Milestones
  • Manage Unfinished Tasks
  • Ticketed Task Allocation And Communications

Pipeline Analysis

Ensure the profitability of your business by effective sales monitoring. A sales pipeline is a visual representation of the steps that prospects take in a sales process. It gives you a clear view of the journey that your customers take, right from the moment that they became aware of your product to the point that they made the purchase. The best tool to forecast future sales and enhance cash flow with a considerable degree of reliability.

  • Awareness: The customer becomes aware of your product and thinks that it can solve a problem
  • Discovery stage: A prospect expresses some interest in exploring your product
  • Evaluation: Your prospect compares your solution with other similar products
  • Intent: The prospect makes inquiries about the specifications of the product.
  • Purchase: The prospect is now a customer


Fenny CRM’s Report module will help you understand, who are your customers and what are their needs and desires and it will help you increase customer loyalty.
Reports in Fenny CRM are easy to build and analyze and in the same time incredibly detailed- so you can pick every little nuance of your customer preferences and identify the most appealing products and services.

  • Organize your reports
  • Share your reports
  • Drill down to the minor details
  • Advanced CRM Reporting

Customer support

Fenny CRM opens all communication channels for your clients (chat, call, social media etc.) and is a powerful tool for your team to provide best customer experience possible.

  • Bring more value to your clients
  • Better customer support
  • Better incident management
  • Simplified contract negotiation
  • Decreased response time
  • KPI tracking